At BCXponent, we tackle the
X Factors
X factors =
Misaligned costs and business value
Broken or burdensome processes
Sub-optimal deployment of internal-external resources
Difficulty sourcing and deciphering data
Lack of legal operations capabilities
Outdated or underutilized technology
Strategic focus hampered by day-to-day workload
By solving X factor issues, we help our clients turn X into Excellence.
X factor problems demand Expert Insight.
Gain a fresh perspective on your business issues.

We have an array of talents and resources that many legal departments don’t. Our team includes more than 30 practitioners with deep expertise in computer science, actuarial science, probability and statistics, business and project management.  We bring these talents to bear to innovate the delivery of legal services.
We bring smarter science and new ideas to the business of law.

Start or grow your legal operations capabilities.

We work with law departments to develop and deliver on management objectives. If you don’t have dedicated legal operations employees, we can serve as an extension of your team to advise and deliver legal operations services.
We partner with you to improve value delivery for your business.

Unleash the potential of legal data analytics.

We lead the industry in the practice of legal data analytics, and we have done so for more than 14 years. We started as a think-tank for law firm financial, management and technology tools. Now, we offer consulting services as economic and business advisors, applying rigorous data analytics and innovative solutions to legal services management.
We are driven by data.

Our disciplines can complement the core legal services provided by our colleagues at Bryan Cave LLP.

We solve for the whole equation.

Our Formula
We define X.

Through careful listening and dialogue with our client, we properly scope the issue and potential solutions to ensure great results and business value from the start.

We solve for X.

Unique problems need unique solutions, so we design or adapt our approach to match our client’s situation.

Our clients’ challenges are not “out of the box”, and neither are our solutions.

We turn X into Excellence.

We work side by side with our clients to effectively implement and integrate our solutions with existing department resources and company business practices.
We align our efforts to produce results our clients can measure in terms of cost, quality, risk management and predictability.

Business Outcomes
Enhanced business value
Alignment of internal-external resources according to complexity and risk
Improved staffing models
Ease and depth of reporting
Powerful technology to boost collaboration
Data-driven decision capability
Leadership Team

BCXponent is co-led by Bryan Cave LLP’s chief practice economics officer Chris Emerson and chief innovation officer Katie DeBord.


Composed of 31 professionals, our multi-disciplinary team holds deep expertise in computer science, actuarial science, probability and statistics, business management, project management and client service.


Bio & Contact
Chris Emerson
Chief Practice Economics Officer
Bio & Contact
Christian Zust
Director of Client Technology
Bio & Contact
Katie DeBord
Chief Innovation Officer
Get in Touch

To learn more, contact Chris, Katie or your relationship partner at Bryan Cave or email us.

Chris Emerson
Chief Practice Economics Officer

Chris Emerson is Bryan Cave’s Chief Practice Economics Officer, and co-leader of BCXponent. Chris founded the firm’s Practice Economics Group, an innovative group focused on enabling companies to achieve their legal business objectives. The outcomes achieved are substantial savings in legal spend, improved outcomes on business objectives, increased coordination and transparency in relationships with outside counsel, and better clarity around the factors that affect expense and outcome through statistical analysis and data analytics.

Prior to his current role, Chris managed the firm’s Client Technology Group which created and continues to create a wide range of solutions that help streamline legal work processes and permit the firm to operate with the unprecedented efficiency now demanded in today’s highly competitive legal marketplace. The work of the Client Technology Group has been widely recognized and has led to awards from CIO Magazine (twice), CTO Magazine, American Lawyer Media, Incisive Media, the International Legal Technology Association (twice) and other organizations.

Chris also serves as a member of the Program Planning Council for the International Legal Technology Association and often contributes to educational programming, collaboration and networking opportunities, publications, and other member benefits on a host of topics related to pricing, legal operations, and business and financial management.

Christian Zust
Director of Client Technology

Christian Zust serves as the Director of the Client Technology Group at Bryan Cave, and a member of the leadership team at BCXponent. Client Technology builds and sources new technologies and development of technology-augmented solutions that help deliver improved, more cost-effective service to clients.

Prior to 2012, Christian was an attorney within Bryan Cave, managing largescale discovery projects. He is a certified Project Management Professional and regularly writes and speaks on topics related to pricing, legal project management and the utilization of technology to improve the delivery of legal services.

Katie DeBord
Chief Innovation Officer

Katie DeBord is a partner at Bryan Cave LLP, the firm’s Chief Innovation Officer, and co-leader of BCXponent. In her role, she drives Bryan Cave’s global initiatives to innovate the way in which the firm delivers client services. Her initiatives include new ways to deliver exponential value to our clients. Through a team of specialized software developers and analysts, Katie also spearheads development of custom technologies that enable clients to streamline and better manage their legal operations. Prior to her promotion as chief innovation officer, Katie was a partner in the firm’s Commercial Litigation Group and a trial attorney whose practice focused on commercial, software licensing and intellectual property litigation.